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Art is a language that allows one to connect from an emotional, physical and spiritual level. Our aim is to transform your space with Beautiful Fine Art pieces that inspires you and invests in your future.

Individual artworks and individual growth within a team.

Create your own painting, expressing your inner creativity and exploring the art of painting. The Team building is taught by professional a Fine artist who has over 10 years of experience in the industry. Each individual will create an individual personal work made by themselves with technical and practical lessons taught through the day.

Idea of having each individual create there own painting is to encourage each individual to express there inner creativity and grown their creative process. Art helps each individual to work on problem solving concepts and thing out of the box. It opens up the though process to thinking in different ways.

By creating an art work it enhances communications between each individual on the team. Helps the individual also connect with there inner self and work through to create a creative expressive piece.

Creativity enhances one to have greater problem solving techniques and breaks down communication barriers within the team, creating a creative, connected and strong team to help move your company forward.

Lara Segal has conducted many seminars and workshops in Success Motivation, Team building and dealing with Creative blocks as well as growing employee’s interactive relationships allowing each person on the team to communicate in a free creative manner. She is a qualified Fine artist with a Fine arts honours degree in Painting.


Each person will have there very own painting to take home with them. It’s a fantastic was of allowing your team to build and work in a creative way to enable each individual to express themselves and open up there creative lines in terms of creative thinking and problem solving.


Corporate art Team building – Create a corporate masterpiece

Team can use their artistic skill and paint a masterpiece that says something about the Team. All they need is the vision which we work on and a large space to create this huge exciting project. Our Fine artist will help Capture the essence and energy of the organization. The Current values, clients, people, aspirations and vision from your business and the artwork your team will create. The team will be challenged to create An Original artwork that is pushing each individual’s creative boundaries.


Each individual will be responsible to draw their section and with mosaic or paint it. We will be there to help guide each individual in teaching them the technical side of the project.


This is where the masterpiece comes together as the team members have a responsibility to make there work successful so the end result is a beautiful piece which encourages the team to work together and communicate and think creatively about solving problems.


After the work is complete they will take a few minutes to freshen up and will return to unveil there masterpiece where cocktails will be served. The Team building helps each individual recognize how working as a team can in fact create and Beautiful work. The artwork remains to be a unique reminder of how when a team works together success is very tangible.

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Help your team learn how to     express there inner creativity.

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